About Us

The foundation of our company was laid in 1935. Our company moved to Izmir Menemen Leather Free Zone in 1997 and became Sarıtoprak Leather.

Currently, we continue our activities in Izmir Menemen Free Zone which has the biggest treatment plant in Turkey. A large part of the market share of our company is export

We attach maximum importance to environmental, human and quality standards in our production. One of the most important points of our factory is to leave a sustainable world for future generations. That's why we work very sensitively on energy consumption and carbon emissions.We always supply the most sustainable products. At the same time, we work hard to ensure that our customers supply the most sustainable products from us.

We have been lovingly doing this for four generations.



To increase our market size with the R & D activities we have increased.


To provide our customers the best quality products and the best prices with the innovative approaches we continuously develop.

Our Corporate Sustainability Policy


Our factory is aware of being sensitive to the environment by improving itself regularly in carbon emission tests every year.

We use natural and non-hazardous chemicals in our products.


Happy Employees


Happy Customer

We always do our best to provide that all our employees are happy with their working conditions


We take care to be an exemplary organization that respects the society and the environment.

We improve the quality of our products with our R & D activities every day.


We are aware that a non-innovative company cannot be successful.

We are very ambitious about innovation with our constantly renewed products.

Our Products

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Our products are produced according to your request in our factory located in Izmir Menemen Free Zone.

We maintain the highest quality chemicals and the highest quality raw materials to maintain the Service Standards.All of our leathers pass the tests successfully.

We export our high-quality products with hundreds of colors to many parts of the world.

The majority of our products are footwear leathers.We work with shoe manufacturers in many parts of the world.Our company is among the best suede manufacturer in Turkey.

Our main products :

Metis Suede, Goat Suede, Metis Lining, Goat Lining, Metis Lining, Goat Lining, Semi Vegetal, Sheep Lining




6111 street no: 33 Izmir-Isıkkent Ayakkabıcılar Sitesi

Phone : +90 232 436 42 13



Address :

Izmir Free Zone, Cam St. No: 9. Menemen